“...look on all things with love, appreciation and open-mindedness.” W-29.3:1
The power of sharing appreciation and gratitude for others is certainly a most timely message.


"In this season (Christmas) which celebrates the birth of holiness into this world, join with me who decided for holiness for you. It is our task together to restore the awareness of magnitude to the host whom God appointed for Himself." T-15.III.7:1-2

  • This e-course is a journey in self-discovery. The perfect, stress-free Christmas celebration is inside of you. We are joined together in this journey and with our connection with the Holy Spirit. 
  • Each lesson includes reflections and activities for you to identify your values and create new intentions for celebration this year.
  • A 60 minute audio is included that assists your understanding of applying the principles of A Course in Miracles to this holiday season.
  • Also included is a 55 minute video of Rev. Deb sharing this information as a Sunday Message


CandlesForgivenessAre the holidays a challenging time of the year for you?
Are you unsure of what to do with the conflicting emotions and the emptiness you feel inside this time of year?
Do you want to learn how to be compassionate toward yourself?Are you looking for ways to set good boundaries on your time, energy and resources?
Healing is possible, all it takes is a little willingness.

This class includes:

  • Audio and all included exercises and practices.


If you are a member/student of MiraclesOne at the $50 per month or above level this class is FREE for you. Set up a user account on our Light University site and email us at revs@miraclesone.org so we may set up your free access.