In this three session class series, we get down to basics as we learn how to study the Text in a manner that will help us deeply appreciate the material. We learn to "work" the Workbook Lessons to our greatest personal benefit. Many common questions students ask about the practice of the Lessons are answered.  Finally, we learn how the process of practice application will help us achieve lasting peace and happiness in our lives.

  • Pointers for Studying the Text
  • Working the Workbook Lessons
  • Practical Application - What Does It Mean and What Can It Do for You
  • Bonus videos to enhance your study

Fee: $35

NOTE: This class is a self-study class, if you wish to meet with a mentor, there is an extra charge of $40 for the 1st one hour session. $75 for additional sessions.

You will notice in the videos that it will say "share with your mentor". You can disregard, unless you would like to upgrade your class to include a mentor.

See this link for more information on the "Exploring ACIM" series.